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Boujad Dog Bed, Small - Item #1
Boujad Dog Bed, Small - Item #1
Boujad Dog Bed, Small - Item #1
Boujad Dog Bed, Small - Item #1
Boujad Dog Bed, Small - Item #1
Boujad Dog Bed, Small - Item #1

Boujad Dog Bed, Small - Item #1

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The Sebastian Says Boujad Dog Beds (or Floor Pillows) are lovingly hand crafted by Berber women from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Specific to the tribe, each pouf has unique colours and patterns that are weaved from what was previously a uniquely created one of a kind full-length rug.

The art of weaving has been passed down over time to generations of Berber women. Expressing themselves creatively, some rugs can take skilled artisans many months to complete depending on the intricacy and size. Everything is made by hand using extra soft wool from native sheep.

In accordance with ancestral Berber traditions, the wool is washed in the river with saponaria plants before drying under the stars for a whole night to keep away the evil eye. 

Each bed has been carefully curated to capture specific design elements from the original rug. This collection is a tribute to the mothers and daughters and the traditions that connect them to past and future generations weaving through their history.

- Artisanal weaving in Morocco
- Natural dyes
- Pre-washed

We do not provide the filler. You are able to stuff these beds with recycled pillow cushions or clothes that were otherwise ready for disposal.

Size small is approx: 60cm x 45cm x 20cm


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