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Shopping Doggos Puzzle

500 Piece Puzzle Of Art

Practice mindfulness, evoke calm or foster teamwork while you piece together this quirky scene.

Set in the Sebastian Says beach side boutique, with the Melbourne city skyline and Brighton beach huts in the back drop – the Sebastian Says Shopping Doggos jigsaw puzzle is the first in the series.

Cool Enough To Frame

We love the idea of framing completed puzzles. This illustration is literally a work of art and worthy to hang on the wall or gift to a friend.


About The Artist - Aart-Jan Venema

The Sebastian Says Shopping Doggos Puzzle was Illustrated by award winning artist, Aart-Jan Venema from the Netherlands. 

Aart's work has been published in the NewYorker, New York Times, Wallstreet Journal, The Guardian and ZEIT magazine to name a few. His work is known for adventure, exploration, futuristic science and obscure history.

The Vision

As an avid assembler of jigsaw puzzles and knowing their benefits of easing stress, increasing creativity as well as general mental and brain health, our Creative Director Suz had the idea to create a jigsaw puzzle for Sebastian Says. It needed to be cool, and it needed to be worthy to hang on a wall.

"I was a fan of Aart's illustrations and quirky aesthetic. I wanted to make a fun jigsaw puzzle series that featured real dogs – with style. I had a vision to fashion a fantasy scene that showcased real life dogs acting out human behaviours in a fictional universe doing normal things us humans do in familiar settings. It was obvious to me, having admired his illustrations, that he was able to portray exactly that." - Suz Delev

What followed next was the collaboration between Suz and Aart, creating the world you see in this first series – Shopping Doggos.

What’s Inside The Box

In a cultured utopia beyond the city - we find ourselves in a wonderful scene at the Sebastian Says beachside boutique. To the sounds of vibrant piano tunes, our muse Sebastian takes centre stage on the dogwalk alongside the SS All-Stars flaunting down the runway in haute couture and collection pieces. Meanwhile, as senses are heightened from the sweet orange and vanilla aromas emanating from the perfumery, sassy furiends indulge their palettes in the barkery, sip champagne in the VIP room and shop the look.

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